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The Generational Divide

  • April 06, 2010
  • 11:30 AM - 12:59 PM
  • Hilton Garden Inn

The Generational Divide

Presenter: Ryan Estis

Location change - Hilton Garden Inn

TALENT is an organization’s most significant competitive advantage. Through this challenging economic climate employers have been forced to balance harsh realities around declining revenue and cost containment with employee engagement and productivity, while preparing the business to succeed and grow into the future.

Amid those challenges today’s HR Leaders are now faced with balancing the needs, attitudes, opinions and work styles of 4 distinct generations. The identity issues and ideology conflicts are prevalent in today’s work culture where the new normal is intersecting with tradition and loyalty.

Bridging generational gaps to build more awareness, understanding, unity and knowledge transfer will help the progressive organization drive a culture of competitive advantage. Generational diversity, if managed and harnessed properly can add to an organizations innovation and unique identity. But change is never easy. Generation NeXt is arriving in the office and posing significant challenges to traditional workplace values and norms. Which way is better?

This program will offer insights into key attitude and behavioral nuances along the generational divide. It will challenge business leaders to consider how to better prepare to assimilate and leverage talent to build a sustainable and competitive human capital advantage. And will take a forward thinking look into the new word work factoring in global competition, hyper connectivity and evolving expectations around the WIIFM of today’s employee population (what is in it for me?).

Key content and takeaway include:

The business case for evolved work style design

Core drivers for the NEXT generation of talent

The Generational Intersection

Leveraging the right technology to attract – assimilate – engage and retain

The forgotten generation {X} preparing to lead

Winning culture examples and recommendations

Organizations preparing for the future know the ultimate throttle on growth and success isn’t just about markets, technology, and innovation. In fact, there is one critical consideration above all others: the ability to get and engage enough of the right people.

This program is approved for 1.0 general recertification credits.


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