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    • June 18, 2024
    • 8:30 AM
    • Zoom Virtual Meeting
    • 198

    Medicare 101

    To Register: Medicare 101

    Tuesday, June 18th at 8:30 am, presented via Zoom.

    Speaker: Mary Klabo

    Program Summary:

    Medicare 101 explains a very complicated topic in an easily understood manner. This presentation explains the different parts of Medicare (A, B, C and D), the services covered, eligibility requirements, the many different enrollment periods, and the additional insurance coverage options in addition to Medicare benefits.

    As the work force ages, more and more people are seeking information about Medicare from their employer's human resource professionals. As Medicare benefits and the supplemental insurance markets have evolved, this presentation will give human resource professionals a better understanding of Medicare and how they can assist their colleagues as they prepare to enroll.

    With this understanding human resource professionals can help employees avoid the risks and penalties the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services can assess if enrollment is not done correctly and in a timely manner. 

    Key Takeaways:

    Medicare 101 will give human resource professionals an intermediate level of understanding with which to assist employees who are seeking guidance on how and when to enroll in Medicare.

    About the Speaker:

    With a bachelor's degree is in communications, I have worked in some capacity of health care for most of my life. One of my most fulfilling experiences involved helping veterans get medical care the VA was unable to provide. Another involved working with hospital blood banks to ensure they had an adequate supply of blood products. As an older-than-average student, I obtained an MBA from the University of Mary. Most recently I became licensed to sell accident and health insurance in North Dakota. As the community outreach manager at NextBlue of North Dakota, I truly enjoy writing educational materials and explaining the complex subject of Medicare in a way that people can understand.

    This session is pending approval for the following:

    • 1.0 SHRM PDC
    • 1.0 HRCI General HR Credits
    • July 09, 2024
    • 11:50 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Avalon Events Center OR Virtual
    • 231

    Collaborating through Conflict: How Curiosity Fosters Creative Solutions and Positive Trust

    To Register: Collaborating through Conflict: How Curiosity Fosters Creative Solutions and Positive Trust

    Tuesday, July 9th | 11:50 AM - 1:00 PM

    Presented: Avalon Events Center OR Virtual

    Speaker: Steven Reuter

    Program Summary

    HR professionals are frequently confronted with conflicts and communication breakdowns in their line of work. These situations often involve facilitating challenging meetings, resolving staff disputes, and addressing leadership frustrations. To navigate such scenarios successfully, HR staff must possess a high degree of presence, empathy, and poise. Despite their expertise, the stressors of these high-pressure situations can take a toll on even the most seasoned professionals. In this session, we will examine the underlying reasons why conflicts often prove so challenging and explore practical strategies to leverage conflict as a means to build trust and achieve effective resolutions.

    Key Takeaways

    1. Develop a deeper understanding of the root causes of conflicts and miscommunication in the workplace.

    2. Learn practical strategies to improve communication, build trust, and manage conflicts effectively.

    3. Acquire tools and techniques to remain calm, present, and empathetic during high-pressure situations.

    4. Gain confidence in facilitating challenging meetings, resolving staff disputes, and addressing leadership frustrations.

    Speaker Bio

    Steve Reuter is an experienced consultant, facilitator, and trainer who partners with leaders at all levels to manage complex issues. With a deep understanding of human behavior, Steve helps his clients navigate competing interests to discover durable solutions to issues like dynamic changes, complex cultural issues, and multi-faceted conflicts between individuals and groups.

    His coaching sessions are designed to build the capacity human-centered leaders to make informed decisions and create sustainable solutions.


    American Style - hamburgers/brats with baked beans, potato chips, pickle spears, condiments and pasta salad

    This presentation is approved for:

    • 1.0 SHRM Credit
    • 1.0 HRCI Credit

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May 27, 2021 Military Appreciation Month: Veteran Talent - Morning Option
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March 04, 2014 Affordable Care Act Panel Discussion II
February 04, 2014 Workplace Violence & Preparedness + Optional Safety Workshop
January 07, 2014 Employment Law Update
December 03, 2013 Member Holiday Social & Silent Auction
November 12, 2013 Compensation Strategy: It's Not Just the Amount, It's the Mix
October 01, 2013 Coach's Day - Luncheon & Optional Afternoon Workshop
September 10, 2013 Affordable Care Act Panel Discussion
August 06, 2013 Avoiding the Boomer Drain: HR Strategies and Best Practices
July 09, 2013 United Way's New Community Impact Strategy
June 04, 2013 Work Happy!
May 07, 2013 Using Social Media in HR & Recruiting + Bonus Session
April 02, 2013 Strategic HR and HR-ROI Luncheon and Afternoon Workshop
March 05, 2013 Employment Barriers & Solutions for People With Disabilities
February 05, 2013 Employing Returning Veterans
January 08, 2013 HIPAA & HR
December 04, 2012 FMHRA December Social
November 13, 2012 Health Care Reform-Employer's Strategies for the Future
October 02, 2012 SHRM Advocacy Team: Shaping HR Public Policy
September 04, 2012 Public Speaking:It's Got To Come From the Heart If You Want It To Work
August 07, 2012 Vampires @ Work: Simple Solutions for Conflict Management
July 10, 2012 Mental Health in the Workplace
June 05, 2012 eFolio Pilot Project
May 01, 2012 "Bridging the Gap!" Successful Partnerships for Interships
April 03, 2012 Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution
February 07, 2012 Talent Management
January 03, 2012 Workforce Safety Insurance- Lower your premiums
December 06, 2011 FMHRA December Social
October 04, 2011 Bullies in the Workplace-What Can You Do?
September 13, 2011 Work Smarter, Not Harder...HR Style
August 02, 2011 Emotional Intelligence: Live Up to Your Own Greatness
July 12, 2011 Telecommuting: Making It Work for Your Business
June 07, 2011 Servant Leadership
May 03, 2011 Laughter Has No Accent: Humor and Diversity
April 05, 2011 Results-Driven Leadership: A New Approach for the Modern Workplace
March 01, 2011 Crucial Conversations: Get Unstuck with Best Practice Skills for High Stakes Interactions
February 01, 2011 Employment Law Update for 2011
January 04, 2011 Reduce Unnecessary Healthcare Costs With Improved Fitness and Wellness in 2011
November 02, 2010 Workforce Safety and Insurance
October 05, 2010 HR and Finance - Are They Related?
September 07, 2010 Application of Six Sigma in HR
August 03, 2010 The New Health Care Reform Law - How It Will Affect You and Your Employees
July 13, 2010 Secrets to Making Diversity Work
June 01, 2010 The Future of HR: What's Next For The Profession
May 04, 2010 The Greater FM Brand
April 06, 2010 The Generational Divide
April 06, 2010 HR 2.0: Trends, Technology & Transformation of the Talent Economy
March 02, 2010 Googling My Facebook Makes Me Twitter: The Employment Law Implications of Social Networking
February 09, 2010 Mental Health in the Workplace
January 05, 2010 Building a WOW! Recognition Culture
December 01, 2009 FMHRA December Social
November 03, 2009 Complying with Cobra Today
November 03, 2009 Compliance Workshop (1/2 day session)
October 06, 2009 Panel Discussion of HR Best Practices
September 30, 2009 2009 ND SHRM State Conference
September 01, 2009 Talent Management Strategies
August 04, 2009 Strategic Succession Management
August 04, 2009 FMHRA State HR Conference Drawing for 2009
July 07, 2009 Meeting Management: A Strategic Paradox
July 07, 2009 1/2 Day Session: Five Dysfunctions of a Team
June 11, 2009 Wage and Salary Pre-Survey for FMHRA Members
June 02, 2009 Best Practices in Talent Management Strategy
May 05, 2009 Transformation of HR from Traditional to Strategic
March 03, 2009 FMLA/ADA Updates - FMHRA March Luncheon
February 03, 2009 FMHRA February Luncheon
January 06, 2009 January 2009 Meeting
December 02, 2008 FMHRA Holiday Social
November 04, 2008 November Lucheon


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