As members of the Fargo Moorhead Human Resources Association (FMHRA), your commitment to the human resources profession is highly valued. The support and commitment of our membership is an integral part of the organizations long-term success. In order to achieve the chapter mission, which is to support human resources professionals by providing quality programs, networking resources, and career development opportunities, it is necessary to continually grow our organization. We are seeking individuals who will positively contribute to our goals and mission. To encourage the membership of FMHRA to play an active role in growing our organization, a New Member Referral Program has been created.


Network with professionals who work in the human resources field and explain the organization and the benefits gained by becoming a member of FMHRA. Encourage the prospective member to join you at a monthly meeting as a guest and/or visit the FMHRA website to obtain further information about the organization. If the prospective member is interested in joining the organization, encourage them to complete a new member application, which may be obtained on the website, or contact a board member of FMHRA if they have further questions. In order for referrals to be properly recorded, the new member must note on the new member application which FMHRA member referred them to the organization.


The board of FMHRA reserves the right to determine whether or not a referred member is qualified for membership approval. In the event a member is referred from more than one source; the deciding factor will be the source of referral noted on the new member application.

When the referred member is approved for membership to the organization, the name of the FMHRA member who made the referral will be entered into a drawing for a prize. Drawings for quarterly prizes will be held at the monthly meeting following the close of a quarter to select the winning member. The more members you refer, the better the odds are that your name may be drawn. The quarterly referral prize is a $50 West Acres Gift Certificate.

If you have further questions regarding the New Member Referral Program, please contact any member of the Board.

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