The FMHRA Student Membership is a great resource for students pursuing a career in the field of Human Resources.  Some of the many benefits of joining the Fargo Moorhead Human Resources Association are:

  • Discounted Membership Fees
  • Networking with the top HR Professionals in the Fargo Moorhead area
  • Availability to mentors in the HR field
  • Opportunities for HR Scholarships
  • Internship opportunities
  • Opportunities to listen to great speakers on  current HR Topics
  • Opportunity to attend the State HR Conference for free or at a discounted rate
  • Access to HR job openings before they are posted publically
  • Fantastic resume builder

Consistently attending meetings allows students to get their name out into the HR environment and leverages the people that are met at FMHRA to their advantage.  Networking is very important when looking for an initial job out of college and you can make some of those connections early in your college career. 


Listen to what our student members have said about some of the advantages of joining the FMHRA:

“Networking amongst people in your field is an invaluable tool to gain knowledge, insight and opportunities. Some of the most successful people in the world have become successful because of their connections. The Fargo Moorhead Human Resource Association is a great liaison between you and your future career opportunities. I strongly recommend becoming a student member of FMHRA because it is an easy way to get your name out into the HR community and the monthly meetings always have excellent speakers with current HR topics.” 

- Ashley Kunz, FMHRA Student Member and Intern




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